CLANE HOMMEAuthorized Store

In 2015, Ena Matsumoto established "CLANE".

Based on the brand concept of "Original Standard", it incorporates contemporary patterns, materials and designs into standard items, emphasizing “unique pieces" for those who wear CLANE items. CLANE proposes clothes that can be used for a long time, their men's line is an image of a male figure escorting a woman wearing CLANE in the main collection.

Designer Ena Matsumoto, manager of Shinsaibashi “Reinda” and model of “ViVi Magazine”, launched her own brand in 2009 under the name EMODA.

After leaving EMODA as a producer at the end of 2014, she established CLANE design in 2015 and started her own brand "CLANE".

From the Autumn Winter 2016 collection, the men's line “CLANE HOMME” was launched and has had collaborations with fragments led by Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Designer : Ena Matsumoto
Production Area : Japan


Handling Store : .LOGY Kyoto