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CORIU is a leather bag brand that has been handed down in Italy since the 19 century and is handmade by 3 families of leather craftsmen, bag craftsmen, and metal craftsmen.Leather is called "CORIUM” in Latin, or "CORIU” in southern Italy.To respect the history and tradition of leather, this brand was named CORIU.

The leather craftsman family has been in the leather business since 4 generations ago, family’s great-grandfather started the business in Naples, and handed down leather accessories and tanning of leather for generations.These traditions and knowledge have been handed down from generation to generation.The bag craftsman family is based in a small city in southern Italy and started a bag studio in Rome in the '60s. In this studio they take orders for Italian Maison brands, passing on the skills of craftsmen from generation to generation.

A family of metalsmiths with a tradition of hand-crafted metalworking called Metalo Battuta in southern Italy. They use pure brass and produce accessories by the owner that produce beautiful aging.CORIU, which is managed by 3 families, is a leather bag brand that can be used for a long time, with simple designs that emphasize practicality.

Designer : CORIU
Production Area : Italy


Handling Store : ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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Tote Anello Calf Nocciola - CORIU
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