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Leon Louis explores the merits of things to make them into even better things. They use artisanal fabrics to create an intimidating silhouette impression for the wearer. The creations are made by experienced and talented artisans, to make these simple but luxurious pieces. One of the important points for Leon Louis is that the wearer can make the items even more beautiful via its own personality and way of living. The brand wants to make products that will have a great comfort, and also by using high quality fabrics. The chosen fabrics and products are modified, and adapting to each individual's life they adapt to their wearer with an elegant and natural movement impression.

Leon Louis is a brand based in Denmark. Each product is carefully made and researches are made so that the creations fit and adapt the best way possible to its wearer.

「LEON LOUIS」products are available in the Osaka shop and Nara shop of The R.

Contact us : 06-7494-6032

Designer: Leon Louis
Production Area: Denmark