PATRICK STEPHAN Shoulder Bag正规销售店

The designer Patrick Stephan was born in Ouessant in the Brittany region, northwest of France.

In a small island full of nature, he grew up in an environment where he was exposed to hand-sewn clothes made by his grandmother and the creations of craftsmen working on the island since his childhood, and was strongly influenced by them.
He spent his school days in Paris with the aim of pursuing a career in fashion, and after graduation, he acquired the technique of making clothes from various designers and skilled craftsmen such as Pearl of corset maker, Thierry Mugray and John Galliano.
He joined Dior's haute couture department in 1988 to further improve my art.
One day, when he visited a traditional Japanese craft exhibition in Paris, he was impressed by Japanese culture and delicate craftsmanship and decided to go to Japan. We began our activities in Japan in 2000.

Patrick Stephan's creative philosophy is the exploration of the possibilities of artistic beauty, blending Eastern and Western cultures and sensibilities, regional and contemporary and gender, and feminine and masculine, while continuing to pursue a kind of ultimate beauty with unique, elegant nuances.

With the key word of "minimal" and "Timeless" in expressing those things, they continue to produce with attention paid to the details of silhouette and volume.
At Patrick Stephan, each item is hand-finished, and even the geometric shape is hand-sewn in a realistic and minimal manner.

Designer : Patrick Stephan
Production Area : Japan

Handling Store : FASCINATE Osaka Kitahorie The R Osaka Minamihorie .LOGY Kyoto