Beware of Spoofed Emails & Websites

1. There have been cases of emails purporting to be from , attempting to direct users to fake or fraudulent sites that look exactly like .

We have received information about a suspicious email purporting to be from .
Emails from are sent from the "" domain. Please be careful not to open emails from other domains.

In addition, some customers have accessed fraudulent websites that imitate through web searches, mistakenly believing that they are operated by us.
(On such sites, our items and images are posted illegally and without permission, and are labeled as official sites, etc.)

The following are the official websites operated by our company. Please note that we are not responsible for any purchases made outside of these sites.

2. How to recognize a suspicious site

Be wary of the following sites. Please refer to them to avoid becoming a victim.

3. If you happen to be a victim

If you have been a victim, please be sure to consult with your local police department. * Only in Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Tel : 03-3581-4321
List of Cybercrime Consultation Offices of Prefectural Police Headquarters