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"Y's for men" is the designer Yohji Yamamoto's first men's brand from 1979 with the concept of "clothes that suit the man next to the woman wearing Y's".

After a hiatus following the 2009-10 Fall/Winter collection, the brand resurfaced at Yohji Yamamoto POUR HOMME 2023-24 Fall/Winter runway, presenting a new collection after 13 years.

Proposing "functional and elegant everyday wear," Y's new men's line is based on the same universal values as Y's, with a commitment to cutting and silhouette.

Designer : Yohji Yamamoto
Production Area : Japan

Handling Store : FASCINATE_THE R Osaka Shinsaibashi FASCINATE Kyoto Kawaramachi



Zigzag Stitch Straight Pants - Y's for men
元 4,311.72
Size in stock : 2 , 3
Combination Zigzag Stitch Jacket - Y's for men
元 5,748.96
Size in stock : 3
Bell Stripe Color Scheme Stitch Jacket - Y's for men
元 8,672.99
Size in stock : 2
String Panel Pocket Blouse  White - Y's for men
元 1,932.84
Size in stock : 2 , 3
String Panel Pocket Blouse Black - Y's for men
元 1,932.84
Size in stock : 3
Yoke Pocket Stand Collar Blouse  Black - Y's for men
元 1,734.60
Size in stock : 3
Panel Suspender Pants - Y's for men
元 3,122.28
Size in stock : 3
Military long coat - Ground Y
元 4,856.88元 1,457.06
Size in stock : 1
No Fixing Long Shirt - Ground Y
元 2,874.48元 1,724.69
Size in stock : 3
Ry/S scarf - Ground Y
元 594.72元 178.42
Five Buttons Singl Vest - Ground Y
元 1,883.28元 1,129.97