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Classic long sleeve (White Gray)


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H.R.6 2021-22 Autumn Winter Collection.

The fabric is made from 80 count twined cotton (50%) and moso bamboo (50%).
The main feature of this fabric is its excellent antistatic property to prevent static electricity.
The effects of static electricity on human stress are being studied, and the relationship between several diseases is also being studied.
This product was created considering the relationship between the human body and stress.
In terms of comfort and durability, this product has a high washing fastness that maintains a soft texture even after repeated washing, excellent breathability and antibacterial properties, so it can be used for a long time.
Available in 3 colors: white gray, charcoal, and black.
This is a dolman sleeve cut sew with a loose fit that has a wide-body width and armholes, and is tapered as it goes to the cuffs.
The sizes of H.R6 and DEVOA are very different.
The sizes are as follows.
Size 1 of H.R6 = Equivalent to DEVOA size up to about size 1 ~ 3
Size 2 of H.R6 = Equivalent to DEVOA size up to about size 3 ~ 5
・About washing:
In the product test, it was washed in a drum-type washing machine without using a net and dried it more than 10 times, but there was no problem with the texture.
Washing with a washing machine at home should not be a problem.
Even if you use a dryer, the shrinkage rate is about 2% to 3%, and you probably will not notice a big change as it is a very loose fit.

[Main fabric]Cotton50% Bamboo50%

【Additional Info】
●Lining:No lining
●Elasticity:Stretches a bit
●model:174cm / 52kg / Size 1

H.R 6


Item Code H04614EM00047
Brand Item Code
* For store inquiries
LSCNCB3 white gray
Brand H.R 6
Color White Gray
Material [Outer material] 50% cotton, 50% bamboo
Country Of Manufacture Japan
Season AW2021

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Classic long sleeve (White Gray)

Classic long sleeve (White Gray)