Collection Review
RIPVANWINKLE 2021SS Collection
2/19. 2021.

FAS-GROUP 2021 SS (spring and summer) collection review, delivered from the unique buyer's point of view.

This time, we are sending the opinion of the Kyoto buyer, Yasuda, about RIPVANWINKLE's 2021SS collection.

He is mainly in charge of buying RIPVANWINKLE, beruf baggage, etc.

Since I was in my early 20's, I have been buying RIPVANWINKLE for more than 10 years, and I feel that I participate in the exhibition as one of the RIPVANWINKLE lovers.
So every time I look at next year's lineup, I have fun and a unique sense of tension.

This 2021 SS collection was not able to participate in the exhibition in Tokyo due to the influence of coronavirus, and the order was made with anxiety, but looking at the materials and samples, I was happy and excited to see the new collection.

This spring and summer collection, which has already arrived in the first shipment, is the 48th for the brand, and the number of '50' is becoming more realistic.

I would like to explain this collection, which is approaching a turning point, from Yasuda's point of view.

21SS image. The color contrast is one of the points of the 48th collection.

My buying starts with receiving a set of text called a Swatch.
In it, the photo and color name of this item are written, but in addition to 'Product name', the item that is filled with expectation is actually 'Color Name'.
This isn't something that's been around for a long time, however, as I discovered during an interview with a designer in our company that the company was obsessed with the color of its brand.
The facts I learned from the interview changed my perspective on the collection.

The new color [osmium grey] is reminiscent of the collection from the past, but it is especially the color that symbolizes this season's gray.

In fall and winter, dark and heavy collection is the mainstream impression, but in spring and summer season, there are colored cut and sewn, nylon and jersey materials are available in bright colors, short pants, etc.,
the contents are mixed with sports taste.
Last year, it was BJ Tech's RED mountain parka.
I couldn't imagine at all what kind of development there would be in the 21 SS season, but I looked at the whole thing with that in mind.

"the existence of a color called black"

The new colors such as white, gray-beige, coyote and Sand beige are added to the 21 SS collection, but while they stand out, the "black" inserted into the bright colors is an impressive collection.

Here is the look of the collection.

Styling with top and bottom black of Tactical Hoodie RW-319.

A look that clearly shows "black" in my eyes.

The look of the white inner layer and the gray beige underpants, as if bringing out the black, flew into my eyes.

All the clothes in this look are new models.
The first item that caught my eye was TACTICAL HOODIE/RW -319, which is a new color named SOLID BLACK.
This slightly oversized hooded blouson is made of 50% dry cotton and nylon.

This is the new color of 21 SS that clearly shows the opposite of last year's RED mountain parka.

Tactical Shorts - RW-338

The pants are short pants/RW -338 from the TACTICAL series, made of a material called Sea Island Typewriter Stretch, which is made of very long cotton and woven in high density.
The pants on the top and bottom look that looks like a set-up is actually a black color, which is different from SOLID BLACK.

From this look, I felt the presence of the new style of spring and summer expressed by RIPVANWINKLE.

3/4 Side Pocket T - RW-328

The semi-mercerized fabric gives the surface an exquisite luster and feels great against the skin.

3/4 SIDE POCKET-T/RW -328 made of honeycomb fabric.
With small pockets along the seams, the recently unrolled 3/4 sleeve is a nostalgic and memorable sleeve that reminds me of my 10 + years of wearing parachute pants and baseball tees.

skinny jersey - RW-313 GRAY BEIGE

This season's skinny jersey/RW -313 GRAY BEIGE features brightly colored pants.
This item is made from French terry which is a standard fabric for spring and summer. However, since 20 SS, the brand has continued to propose a style which embodies "Layered with short length pants and jersey pants"
In addition, I was interested in long length sox-layered.

This combination is one of the styles that the brand will propose this spring and summer, as it appeared in the conversation with the staff of RIPVANWINKLE.
Usually when you layer it with shorts, it tends to be a leggings style, but when you layer it with original jersey pants, each item can be used separately and can be worn in different seasons.
It shows the brand's intention to establish this style.

By the way, Ohno appeared in this style on the official websiteof the brand last year.
It was a style combining MA -1 with BUSH SHORTS and SKINNY JERSEY below, but it started from 'be hard to imitate' and gradually became popular.
I feel that changing the first impact of 'inimitable' to 'Normal' is the great point and attraction of the brand.

RIPVANWIKLE has a well-balanced combination of mode and sports, so called 'sports element'.

I have seen the way of showing the feet with these socks in the Scandinavian outdoor brand that I know, and when I found them, I was happy with the strange commonality.

New middle-cut shark sole shoes, Bootie High - RW-324

Since this item has a sox-layered look, the balance between the middle cut new shark sole shoes/RW -324 and the pants is just right.
I like this technique very much, and I have been practicing it since autumn and winter.
I often find myself layering socks.

This BOOTIE HIGH/RW -324 is a pair of shoes made from a combination of oilwax suede and elastic, which is the key to styling.
This item is a staple of RIPVANWINKLE. It is made of a combination of rough and rustic look and sporty material. It has a good balance with a good taste.

Linen Jersey Riders - RW-316

Introducing a rider's jacket made of a linen jersey fabric with a 20 AW single rider's design as the base and popular original stretch material.
This is a spring and summer knit item that uses a long slub jersey material with an asymmetrical slant cut design as the inner.
However, this knit also has a small technique, and it is a thumb hole type.
On the left side, like the 3/4 SIDE POCKET-T, it has a hidden pocket.

long slab jersey - RW-302

The gimmick around here is one of the most surprising details in the long history.
The innovative details that had not been in the previous collection were taken into consideration such as the storability of the mask that is necessary for modern society, and the thoroughness that is attached to everything other than DOLMAN S/S and PHOTO-T made me enjoy it.

solid jersey Black - R+161

The new SOLID JERSEY is fitted with a micro fastener on the hem, and the white running stitch is a detail with an overlock on the compact rich fleece lining material.
The design of jersey pants with an Artisan feel is a representative element of the taste mix.


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