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The designer 青木俊樹(Toshiki Aoki) is from Okayama in Japan. He went to England in 2008 for Takeo Kikuchi. He graduated in fashion design from London College of Fashion. After that he researched and created his own label. The brand concept is「Distorted Classics」. The creations of the brand have artistic finishing, the decadent style of London and mods culture taken as inspiration for thin and detailed silhouette products, and also the use of heavy once denim from Okayama which is a very popular material. In 2011,「FAGASSENT」was created. The first collection was presented for the 2011-12A/W season.

Products are made using the products base made with toile in a London atelier and brought to Japan to be made in Okayama Prefecture.The creation is made between London and Okayama.

「FAGASSENT 」products are available in the Osaka shop and the Nara shop of The R.

店舗への問い合わせは : 06-7494-6032

Designer: 青木俊樹(Toshiki Aoki)
Production Area: Japan