HAMCUSAuthorized Store

Start handling from 2019-20 autumn winter Collection!

HAMCUS is an up-and-coming brand that launched their label in Hong Kong in 2017. They made their debut in Paris in the spring summer collection of the same year. Their designs do not have a specific designer as they have a design team in charge.
With its unique concept of Cosmo, Character, Style and System, they have a solid collection theme each season. They present their works with a constructive and unique atmosphere.
The genre-less design is not tied to a specific style, they have constantly created new works that gives a new taste to the ever-changing fashion scene. The lack of freshness and creativity is constantly being lost by rapid consumption and commercial fashion, HAMCUS is all about pushing their creativity and pursuing new and fresh works.
The main motifs are military uniforms and SF combat clothes, the designed pieces are neither dark nor light as well.
HAMCUS proposes a new, bold and unique way of clothing that has never been seen before.

Designer: Design Team
Production Area : China


Handling Store : The R Osaka Minamihorie