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Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Blubiyi Thomas worked as a patterner for Alexander McQueen after graduating from Central St. Martins in 2013.They studied tailoring under designer Sarah Burton and worked in design at Siki Im in NY before becoming creative director at De Rien in London.They became independent from De Rien in 2015 and launched their own brand, releasing the spring/summer collection in June 2016.Reflecting the designer's own Nigerian and Scottish background, the brand is about multiculturalism and hidden identity, traditional British male tailoring and its connection to African culture, using carefully selected sustainable textiles and focusing on skilled craftsmanship, cutting and technique, all handmade in London.The style is characterized by a vertical tailored silhouette with exquisite draping and layering, and an avant-garde style with uncut garments.It aims to redefine historical interpretations of clothing and fabrics, while remaining completely modern, and to build a fusion and connection between African culture and post-British colonialism.

Designer: Olubiyi Thomas
Production Area: London

Handling Store :FASCINATE_THE R Osaka Shinsaibashi

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Double Breasted Work Jacket - OLUBIYI THOMAS
Size in stock : 2 , 3
Pleated Bib Shirt - OLUBIYI THOMAS
Size in stock : 2
Wide Leg Kickback Drawstring Trousers - OLUBIYI THOMAS
Size in stock : 2
Wide Legged Drawstring Trousers #2 - OLUBIYI THOMAS
Size in stock : 3
Size in stock : Free