2021SS Collection Review
The Viridi-anne 2021SS Collection
December 4th, 2020.

The Viridi-anne

FAS-GROUP 2021 SS collection review from the buyer's unique point of view.

This time, we are sending the opinion of Kyoto buyer, Takashima regarding The Viridi-anne's 2021 SS collection.

Mainly Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO, ATTACHMENT and KAZUYUKI KUMAGAI are in charge of buying.
He is also the manager of LOGY Kyoto.

Hello. This is Takashima from .LOGY Kyoto.

I have been working at a select shop for 15 years, and since 3 years, I have been working as a store manager as well as a buyer.

I have been in charge of it for about 13 years, and one of the brands I love is "The Viridi-anne".

This time, I would like to introduce my impressions and recommended products after seeing the exhibition directly.

We also heard from designer Okaniwa about his thoughts on the collection and how he came to collaborate with insect artist Suzuko Momoyama.

Designer Okaniwa says that there was no special "Theme" at the start of the 2021 SS season, but when he happened to see Momoyama-san's caterpillar work at an art book shop he stopped by one time, it looked like a paisley pattern and "I have an image of clothes.".

Then she contacted Momoyama-san and decided to incorporate the work she showed her into the fabric, but when she started designing the fabric, she found that the work of picking up the work to be used, the layout of the motif, and the process of deciding the color required a very delicate balance, and after many revisions and changes, one fabric was finally completed.

While I was doing this work, the work called "entomologist" crossed my mind and imagined the life of a fictional entomologist, so I decided to create this collection.

For the production of specific works

・clothing worn by entomologists on fields such as mountains to collect insects

・relaxed clothes in one's lab

These are the axes.

At the same time, there was talk about a capsule collection from "CORDURA NYCO", and the nylon material perfectly fit into the piece of "Field" which was thought for this collection, and gradually the concept for 21 SS expanded.

◆The eye-catching 'INSECTS' series by Suzuko Momoyama

The first thing that caught my attention in the 21 SS season was "'INSECTS' series by Suzuko Momoyama"

I have bad eyesight, but when I saw it for the first time, I thought, "Paisley pattern?" So I went up and looked at it, and it said, "What? Insects?"

The insects are delicately drawn in this series, and the fabric itself is already a work of quality.

The coloring of the picture on the fabric is beautiful, and the appearance of the pattern is also very beautiful, so I look at it carefully.

Personally, I thought the "a picture of an insect" motif is an interesting item, so I selected jacket, tapered pants, and shirt (* The pattern of the shirt is different.).

This item can be worn as a set of course, but it can also be worn alone with a plain item as a nice accent, and above all, the feeling that this special item is "I want customers to see it at the store." is overwhelming.

I think the amount of distribution will decrease even in Japan, so if you are a fan of The Viridi-anne, you should check it out as soon as possible.

◆The notable pattern is the linen series of "square print".

Among the products of The Viridi-anne, I personally always pay attention to the original pattern of each season.

In the past, patterns made with the brand's unique interpretation such as random checks and random stripes have been released, and I personally have purchased setups and outerwear.

The Viridi-anne's pattern is different from the usual pattern, and it is attractive that it always has a unique finish such as irregular check "Although it is a check pattern, it is not too checked.".

Although it is such pattern series, in 21 SS, a new pattern called "Random Square Pattern" is introduced.

The design is not too complicated, so it is very easy to use on its own.

You can enjoy the brand's atmosphere, so I would like people who wear The Viridi-anne for the first time to try it.

Personally, "Black Stripe" is highly recommended, but the very beautiful "Mint Green Stripe" is scheduled to arrive as a coat, so please pay attention.

Since the square pattern of different thickness is used "randomly cut without matching the pattern intentionally", there are individual differences in the pattern of each item such as the one with the stripe like print or the one with the square corner, and the unique style that 2 of the same item do not exist can be induced.

The body is made of soft and light linen broadcloth, perfect for spring and summer outfits.

Personally, this is a highly recommended series in 21 SS. This item is selected with a full lineup of coats, jackets, tapered cuff pants, and shorts.

It looks really cool when worn as a set, so if you can afford it, please try wearing it as a top and bottom.

◆This is a shirt with a seam design with "Enlarged image of a dragonfly's wings" on the back side.

The designer, Okaniwa, has incorporated "Design according to the season's theme" into his work here and there, and the theme of this shirt series best matches the Altisan taste of the brand.

This shirt has a simple chest pocket on the front, but the pattern on the back has a patchwork look.

When I saw it at the exhibition, I replied "Oh, this is cool!" as usual, but when I heard that the patchwork pattern was "Image of a dragonfly's wing", I remember laughing a little bit because I was happy with Okaniwa's detailed packing.

I believe that the value of these designs, which can be described as "Just patchwork.", is very different between wearing them without knowing and understanding them.

It may sound like a geeky story, but I really think that those details are what we salespeople should tell our customers.

And I would be happy if I could share this maniac heart.

◆Hard Twist Cotton Twill Series

My personal preference is "100% cotton" fabric, and I like to wear cotton sweats instead of wool knit even in winter.

If you say it suits your skin, that's it, but including the easy care part, cotton fabric is indispensable for your lifestyle.

And this "Hard Twist Cotton Twill Series" is also made from 100% cotton.

However, as you can see when you touch it, it has a smooth and moist softness that you wouldn't expect from 100% cotton.

This new jacket with a vest has a design that looks like a work vest is docked inside. You can create a nice ambiance on your upper body just by wearing it over a T-shirt or shirt.

Also, as for the pants type 2, it has a well-balanced finish that is very easy to use on its own, so it is the pants that are easy to recommend to customers who have never bought The Viridi-anne.

The smooth texture that doesn't seem like 100% cotton will provide a comfortable fit even when the temperature rises.

Since this fabric has a drape feel like wool or synthetic fiber blend fabric, we have selected a jacket with a vest, tapered pants, and cropped wide pants that you can fully enjoy its features.

This item is also great to wear as a set, and you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the brand "The Viridi-anne".

◆Shoes full of brand elegance

Having been in charge of The Viridi-anne for many years, I think that "have excellent shoes" has 1 thing.

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented sneaker boom, and it seems that not only The Viridi-anne but also each brand has released their original shoes less often, but the shoes made by a completely different approach from that released by sports brands are the items I look forward to every season.

This is a pair of shoes that I personally enjoy, but this time we have selected 3 types.

Among them, strap shoes and low cut sneakers are especially recommended.

・Strap Shoes

If you've known the design The Viridi-anne for a long time, don't you think this form is nostalgic?

Maybe it's been released for 10 years? It may not be long ago, but strap shoes like ballet shoes were often released.

I also like in-heel designs, so I bought them in different colors.

This pair of strap shoes, which has a nostalgic look, is now available in "Italian TEMPESTI's high quality leather and Goodyear manufacturing method".

This is the shoes that fans of Viridi-anne would say, "I have no choice but to buy it!"

I also want to buy this, no, buy it. Even if my daughter-in-law gets mad at me!

First of all, with the appearance and Goodyear manufacturing method, it changed from the previously released "heavy sturdy boots" to the "slightly cute sandal shoes".

I like sneakers because they are comfortable and comfortable, but I'm sure I'm getting tired of them, and I got hooked on them because I wanted leather shoes with a firm feel.

It feels heavy when you hold it in your hand, but if you wear it just the right size, you don't have to worry about the weight, and I think this heavy feeling is rather comfortable.

As described below, you can enjoy the aging of the leather, so I think you can be your partner for a long time.

This item can be worn like a sandal during the hot season. If you match it with socks, it can be worn under various pants all year round.

If you are looking for leather shoes, please try this.

・Low-Cut Sneakers

I am one of the biggest sneaker lovers in the company, and I have not only Nike Adidas but also Maison Miharayasuhiro sneakers.

I don't know what to say, but it's a little disease.

These new sneakers are the sneakers that I thought "Whoa!".

The manufacturing method is a vulcanized method, and by winding the foxing tape (tape wound around the sole) and the leather of the same color as the tape up to the upper part, the new design produces "a feeling of heaviness as of a thick sole".

This item has a slightly more voluminous look like the trendy dud sneakers these days, but it also has a clean look that will not deviate from the brand's taste.

Personally, I recommend the casual two-tone white.

◆Themed accessories are also available.

I am confident that more than half of my year is spent wearing some kind of hat.

I like caps, hats and knit caps, but this is my recommended safari hat.

This is a collaboration hat with "KIJIMA TAKAYUKI" which has been collaborating for many years, and there is no doubt about the volume and silhouette.

Also, Okaniwa's highly recommended water-repellent "NYCO's twill fabric" has a wrinkled look with a washer finish.

This hat comes with a removable CORDURA rip-stop sunguard on the back, and this part is what Okaniwa said with a smile, "You want to see the wings of an insect?" Personally, I really like it.

The Viridi-anne is releasing fun accessories and accessories every season.

Personally, I own a necklace with a crystal larval design, a silver bracelet shaped like an ulna on my wrist, and a silver ring on my knuckles.

This loupe necklace is very simple, but it has been released in accordance with the theme of an entomologist, so it can be used as an accent in spring and summer.

Because of the coronavirus, the mask life has become established.

There are masks released from each brand because if you want to wear them, you should choose a particular mask.

With this trend, The Viridi-anne also released a special mask. This is cool.

First of all, Okaniwa has specially ordered a water repellent finish to "NYCO", a Japanese brand woven with INVISTA CORDURA yarn and cotton yarn, and made a dry twill fabric with a crisp feel.

The lining is made of antibacterial and deodorant tricot pique for a comfortable fit.

Also, the design is three-dimensional and the space around the mouth is spacious, so it's nice that you don't feel suffocated when you wear it.

And finally...

As I said at the beginning, we have a very long relationship. As for the brand, I would say that the clothes made by Mr. Okaniwa is a good combination of artistic sensitivity and playfulness. The purity like a child comes out from the work and it is a brand that gives a fresh surprise every time you see a new work.

The collection this time was also a very good collection in which the pictures of insects I happened to see were put into my own design.

It can be said for clothes of any brand, but if you see the work after you know the backbone that led to the product creation, you will feel each design from a different angle from when you saw it without knowing.