2020-21 Spring Summer Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the third day, I'll talk about BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,11BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,O project,HORISAKI,Werkstatt München

Now, please enjoy my day 3 review!

BORIS BIDJAN SABERI / Country of origin : Spain

The theme of the 20 -21 AW collection is "TECHNO PUNK".
The designer himself appears on the floor and the showroom, which already has a dignified atmosphere, exudes the aura of the brand.
The season color is blue.
The blue item that is inserted here and there adds a dignified beauty and virile look to the heavy collection.

I experienced the bold and precise spirit of this season's theme, technology and punk, which is incorporated into the work with the brand's interpretation.
This time, not only clothes but also shoes and a matching pendant recommended by the brand staff are also picked.

11BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI / Country of origin : Spain

Unfortunately, as with Boris Bidjan Saberi, the exhibition hall of 11 by BBS was not allowed to be photographed, so we will introduce it in writing.
New colors such as blue and pink are released from the collaboration sneakers with the standard SALOMON.
The calm blue from the whole collection attracts attention here and there.
There are many new proposals such as the standard outerwear, sleeveless down that can be used as an inner, and tank top.

In addition, a collaboration item of Massive Attack is also available.
Compared to the simple impression of the 20 SS, the 20 -21 AW collection is a line-up that gradually reveals the characteristics of the brand such as 11 by BBS.

1.This item has a pattern that is unique to the brand
2.This season, khaki is also released
3.Light colors are also available
4.The fabric woven by the brand
5.knit collection
6.The loose silhouette outer wear and length are the characteristics of the brand
7.create a style that is gender agnostic

O project / Country of origin : Belgium

The 20 -21 AW collection had a different impression from the racks arranged in the same O shape as the 20 SS.
The overall atmosphere is composed of khaki, black ink and lavender, and light blue is also noticeable.
The basic yet detailed design with a loose round silhouette under the arms emphasizes the brand's unique identity.
Knit is only one size larger.
Long length items are also typical.

Although this brand does not have a particular season theme, this brand is developing as a Unisex product. It has been developing a collection with such power that it is surely opening up a unique line for the current age.

1.collection of works displayed in the showroom
2.There are individual differences in the works
3.4.The artwork used for the layout was handmade by the designer
5.many distinctive designs
6.some with ribbon-like ornaments
7.Burned type models
8.Purposeful hats have a special feel

HORISAKI / Country of origin : Sweden

The designer of HORISAKI got acquainted with Koyama of ANNNASTESIA Nagoya and Kobayashi of FASCINATE, so the atmosphere was frank.
In the showroom, works of art are displayed in a handmade object made by a designer with tree branches on an iron plate.
There are a wide range of works, from basic to unique designs and decorations, and the Burndo series, which is a collection from the past, is especially impressive.
The material is soft beaver fur felt.

This flexible product can change the shape depending on the mood and mood of the wearer. It can be used as an accent for your coordination.
It was an exhibition hall where the sense of the work was released, and you can't help trying it on when you are fascinated by a lot of works.

1.The collection lined up is the highlight
2.Silver accessories create a glamorous impression
3.God is in the details
4.And the reason we see the shadows is because it's amazing
5.be artistic in detail
6.The shadow created depth in the product
7.The clear motifs serve as accents
8.The knit cap will become snood if you remove the silver pin
9.be transformed by the way someone wears it
10.Product with a profound sense

Werkstatt München / Country of origin : Germany

In Werkstatt München's showroom, the works were arranged on a circular top.
Even though FASCINATE handles a lot of items, it is still impressive when all the products are lined up.
This time, not only rings and bracelets, but also accessories such as belts and knit caps will be used.
I especially like the knit cap that changes into a snood by removing the pin.

We have selected a necklace that can create a different look depending on how you wear it, and a chain-type bracelet with leaves.
The rustic impression of the chain and the fine metal cross over on it create an exquisite balance.
Please look forward to the arrival of 20 -21 AW!

We enjoyed 5 exhibitions on 3rd day!!

On the fourth and final day,I'm going to talk JAN-JAN VAN ESSCHE,KLASICA,hannibal,D.HYGEN,cornelian taurus by daisuke iwanaga,DIMISSIANOS & MILLER.