2020-21 Autumn Winter Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020-21AW Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the fourth and final day, I'll talk about JAN-JAN VAN ESSCHE,KLASICA,hannibal,D.HYGEN,cornelian taurus by daisuke iwanaga,DIMISSIANOS & MILLER

The fourth day of the last day started.
I feel like time passed quickly on my business trip to Paris.
This fourth day will be the last day!
Have fun reading the reviews.

Then, let's go.

1.20-21 AW Collection
2.This item has a Japanese feel
3.This brand has a large collection
4.create an atmospheric layered look for styling
5.6.The look of the brand's fabric
7.The bamboo rack expresses the brand's world view
8.The silhouette on the side is also unique
9.The natural soft color is also attractive
10.20-21 AW Collection Look

JAN-JAN VAN ESSCHE / Country of origin : Belgium

Actually, I visited the exhibition of 20 SS, but I decided to attend it this time as soon as possible.
The designers in the exhibition hall also explained the collection and their interest in the work increased.
Although it has a very relaxed silhouette, the fabric and design suggest a loose look that does not lose the high quality texture and elegance.

The fabric that is gentle to the body and the pattern making express a genreless world view, and I think it has established a firm position in the fashion world.
This is a highly anticipated brand collection, so please look forward to it.

1.Ceiling Rope Creates Showroom
2.3.natural fabric
4.stately style
5.The striped pattern and the unique outer on the back are also eye-catching
6.The pattern on the sides keeps you relaxed
7.The collection includes accessories such as bags and hats

KLASICA / Country of origin : Japan

From basic colors such as black and white to khaki items, which are the brand's specialty, the works were lined up leisurely with ropes hanging from the ceiling.
The material has a natural and firm texture.
The pants have a wide silhouette and the shirt has a loose pattern under the armpit.
This item is comfortable to wear and has a design.

In addition, we also offer hats, bags, and stoles.
悠The works that show the calm appearance are truly the collection item that KLASICA interweaves.

1.collection in a bright showroom
2.a striped jacket
3.The gentle impression is hannibal
4.The navy color is exquisite
5.The texture of the fabric is also the brand's specialty
6.knit collection
7.The outer with a beautiful silhouette is also eye-catching
8.9.This brand is essential for a basic style
10.10 years since the brand was launched

hannibal / Country of origin : Germany

1hannnibal celebrates its 10 year anniversary. 20 -21 AW pieces are displayed in a showroom with natural light.
From the same brand which produces basic and easy to coordinate items, this item is released in glen check and calm navy color.
The design of Artisan, which is perfect for any wearer, gives hannibal a solid sense of identity in its comfortable flutter.

The nuance and texture that adds freshness to the standard items creates a calm and relaxed collection, so please check it out.

1.The leather gloves are impressive
2.Patterned leather jacket
3.Mustard color is also available for gloves and wear
4.In the 20 -21 AW collection, he also showed the creation unique to D. HYGEN

D.HYGEN / Country of origin : Japan

The brand has clearly announced the theme for the last few seasons with the concept of Strainism but the 20 -21 AW collection is inspired by "Winter Forest".
It has the image of rough wood skin peculiar to winter, fallen leaves floating on the ground, or mold on the leaves.
This collection is a sublimation of the winter forest where you can feel life other than animals such as plants and bacteria.
The pattern of the leather jacket is more complicated and three-dimensional than before, the leather knit is softer, and the mouton jacket is released, etc.
D.HYGEN shows the evolution every season.
Introducing a new item and new color from D. HYGEN's representative product, leather gloves.

D. HYGEN will be reviewed later.

1.Crocodile leather is a typical material of the brand
2.Carefully crafted with fine details, the handle is a work of art
3.the size of the impressive scales
4.20-21AW new item "Motion Boston"
5.6.You can choose how to hold it with the size for daily use
7.New size expansion of "Long Stone"
8.high-class product

cornelian taurus by daisuke iwanaga / Country of origin : Japan

The theme of 20 -21 AW is "organic curve".
This bag has an image of an organic substance that forms one thing from multiple things.
The new "Motion Boston", which features a zipper that creates a characteristic and beautiful curve while scraping off unnecessary things, expresses the functions such as the inner pocket that is designed for use, the size that can be used with a computer, and the movement of the material that designer Daisuke Iwanaga tries to make.
And I can't tell you in pictures, but when you actually hold it in your hand, the lightness is amazing.

From the very popular model "Long Stone" since its release, this item is available in a more practical size.
The crocodile leather type is small but has an overwhelming aura.
Cornelian taurus continues to take on new challenges and move forward, and every season we are amazed by the scale of its steady progress.

1.Brands from Greece
2.The glossy leather is attractive
3.The changeover of leather gives a masculine impression
4.Lots of elegant products
5.unfinished product
6.a ladies' collection with a front zip that stands out
7.Clutter leather used in products

DIMISSIANOS & MILLER / Country of origin : Greece

The clutter leather which has a unique uneven look is soft, and the individual difference appears depending on how uneven it is, so you can feel it. 
These seamless one-piece shoes have a rounded silhouette that gives a dressy and cute impression. 

The one made of cordovan leather has a deep color and luster that will be absorbed.
Although there are not many collections, the craftsmanship and details of each item are released as high quality and dignified works.
These shoes from DIMISSIANOS & MILLER are dignified yet warm and harmonious.

By the way, this 4th day is the last day of the 20 -21 AW collection exhibition.
Each brand created an impressive collection item that presented further evolution and ideas.
I think there are many parts that are not conveyed in my poor writing, so please ask them directly when you visit the shops in Kobayashi of FASCINATE, Momotani of The R, Yasuda of .LOGY Kyoto, and Koyama of ANNASTESIA Nagoya.

We had dinner at the shellfish restaurant "Leon" on the last day.
It is delicious so please go there.

I went to the airport by bus on my way back. The plane passed transit in Holland without any problem and returned to Japan. The business trip to Paris is finished safely.

The brand introduced this time, and now 20 SS collection is arriving one after another. I am excited about the release of the 20 -21 AW collection.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Thank you very much.

Tatsuto Inoue