CHIAHUNG SU : Designer Interview vol.2
"The Roots of Creation and the 24SS Collection
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Designer interview on approaching source of creation
CHIAHUNG SU : Designer Interview
Source of Creation and Brand Philosophy

A designer interview that focuses on the creator's thoughts and approaches the back side of creation.

This time, we took time to interview Mr. Chia-Hung Su, designer of the Taiwanese brand CHIAHUNG SU, which is handled by FASCINATE_THE R.

In the first part of this interview, we asked him about the background to the launch of the brand and the concept of the brand.

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Latest Collection Delivery
JULIUS 24PS [ scalene; ]

The 24PS collection is based on the theme of [ scalene; ], expressing “unevenness” from various angles, such as color shading and pattern work with a JULIUS touch.
Acrylic fur outerwear in a variety of colors, blousons with asymmetrical front shapes, denim that looks as if it has faded with wear and the passage of time, BLOOD that stands out for its depth and vividness, checks in nostalgic colors, and other items that combine both ruggedness and softness. The collection is now available in both rugged and soft styles.

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Designer interview on approaching source of creation
The Viridi-anne : Tomoaki Okaniwa

To celebrate the relocation of .LOGY KYOTO to the new store, the designer of The Viridi-anne, Tomoaki Okaniwa, was interviewed by staff Takashima of .LOGY KYOTO.

The Viridi-anne celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year.

We will be hearing a lot about Mr. Okaniwa's career, philosophy, outlook and new brand DUELLUM.

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2021SS collection
RIPVANWINKLE 2021SS Collection Review
.LOGY kyoto Buyer : Kenzo Yasuda

FAS-GROUP Collection review from the buyer's unique point of view.

This time, we are sending the opinion of the Kyoto buyer, Yasuda, about RIPVAN WINKLE's 2021 SS collection.

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